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Home away from home. Beyond the exspectation.

Welcome in Domovoj

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Ljubljana – green, lively, attractive

experience the romantic Ljubljana, the city beat and playful experiences

Bled – one of the most beautiful alpine resorts

… Located in the heart of Slovenia, and boasts unspoiled nature.

Postojna cave – world famous natural attraction

In an hour, you can enjoy the secrets of Slovenian Carst

The Adriatic coast is a perfect day trip

We will tell you about best beaches…

Gateway to mountains and green hills of Slovenia

We will help you discover secret treasures of Slovenia

Proximity to the airport

… just a step away from new destinations.

East room
Mountain view room
Forest view apartment
Luxury apartment
Shared spaces
Zadnje novičke

Domovoj hosted the Garbage run participants from the Netherlands. Can should we worth less than 500 EUR and at least 15 years old. This run started couple of years ago and now on some runs, there are more that thousand cars. In 2018 they “run” from Germany, over Czech Republic, ...

On the last day of June, we tested the swimming in the Sora river. It was still a bit “refreshing” but any day the water gets better. This a bit hidden spot on the Sora can be reached in 10 minutes and short walk.  

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