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Home away from home. Beyond the exspectation.

Welcome in Domovoj – your stay will be safe and healthy

We take all required measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19 virus.  For information call +386 31 844498

Bled – one of the most beautiful alpine resorts

… Located in the heart of Slovenia, and boasts unspoiled nature.

Postojna cave – world famous natural attraction

In an hour, you can enjoy the secrets of Slovenian Carst

Gateway to mountains and green hills of Slovenia

We will help you discover secret treasures of Slovenia

Proximity to the airport

… just a step away from new destinations.

East room
Mountain view room
Forest view apartment
Luxury apartment
Shared spaces
Zadnje novičke

DOMOVOJ apartments and rooms offers its guest relaxation in wood-fired Hot Larch Wood Tub. The hot tub is made from Siberian larch in traditional way. It offers you a special, natural aroma, while at the same time the aroma of the wood resin has a calming effect. We use the wooden tub for a quiver...

In Domovoj apartments we prepare a very good black coffee for a breakfast or just to surprise the guests when they arrive. Some guests asked us to disclose the secret so we recorded how we do it.  

  WHERE TOURISTS ARE FEELING AS AT HOME DOMOVOJ is an apartment house  in Medvode (Slovenia) where guest, domestic or foreign feel comfortable pleasant as at home. Ideas of Andreja and Vladimir were realised in 2016 and since than guest are coming to Medvode from all continents. Due to ...