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Prva stran

Domovoj guest can visit the Sora river swimming resort, walking distance from apartments. The best choice for these hot summer days.

Register at Diners Golf Course Ljubljana. DOMOVOJ, apartment and room offer accommodations, just 5 KM from the Golf Course. Welcome!

Just few final touches are missing. Guests in Forest view apartment has their own one.

Kayak team from Japan enjoyed Domovoj hospitality for 11 days. Before living us, we made a grill and neighbor`s doter performed a violin concert. The guests promised to return to Domovoj at the next kayak & canoe championship in Tacen, near Domovoj.

Some improvements in the Domovoj apartments will be finished in couple of days. Forest view has a new terrace, courtyard will get new pavement, and the Luxury apartment will get new vestibule. This means improved quality of Domovoj services.

Easter has ended. We have made a traditional cake potica and Easter eggs. As every year

On Saturday, 19/11/2016, the biggest traditional ethnological event on Slovenia – Night of “parkeljni” Goričane took place. It featured more than 450 of these creatures from Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. “Parkeljni” (English translation claws) are ...

Domovoj (Domovoi), the protector of the house and family, was protector of the domestic hearth in Slavic mythology. He took care of the welfare of houses, people, and animals. He had two sides: he was a good and kind. He was willing to help those that were faithful to ...

We live in our new house in a small village, Vaše, which is close to Medvode, a small town, which is a short distance from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Our home is on the edge of the Polhovgradec dolomites landscape park. Medvode is a town that is situated on ...