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In Domovoj apartments we prepare a very good black coffee for a breakfast or just to surprise the guests when they arrive. Some guests asked us to disclose the secret so we recorded how we do it.  

  WHERE TOURISTS ARE FEELING AS AT HOME DOMOVOJ is an apartment house  in Medvode (Slovenia) where guest, domestic or foreign feel comfortable pleasant as at home. Ideas of Andreja and Vladimir were realised in 2016 and since than guest are coming to Medvode from ...

Hello. We invite you to take advantage of the superb offer WEEKEND PACKAGE WITH SUPER PRICE! PACKAGE INCLUDES: – Two overnights in the DOMOVOJ, rooms and apartments – Two tickets for Cross-country skiing in BONOVEC, (distance from the apartments 1,5 km) ...

In 2018 we hosted a lot of guests in DOMOVOJ apartments and rooms which booked via BOOKING.COM. Based of Guest reviews in 2018, DOMOVOJ reached 9 out of 10. The guests came from 34 different countries. Most of them were from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, France, the Czech ...

Pohorje mountains, in Štajerska region, is 100 km from Domovoj apartments. It offers a number of hiking routes through the woods. Black sea (Črno jezero) is one of the attractions. Domovoj team spent a nice, autumn day on Pohorje. We even found couple of mushrooms and ...

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    Posted: 2018-8-12

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Domovoj offers different hiking trails which starts almost behind the house. One of those is to St. Jacob hill, a beloved goal for hikers from Ljubljana and Medvode.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has it magics. It can be reached easily from Domovoj apartments. In less than half an hour you can sit at the banks of Ljubljanica river and enjoy the beauties of Ljubljana.  

Just listen! <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Domovoj team checked how it is on Pokljuka. Still bit snowy. And the Radovna river in Krnica was a beautiful as always. The small Kreda lake in Radovna valley was a spot to take a rest and pick some spring dandelion which makes together with eggs and pumpkin oil ...

The season almost started. Domovoj apartments and rooms have been fully booked for 1st May holidays.