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DOMOVOJ is an apartment house  in Medvode (Slovenia) where guest, domestic or foreign feel comfortable pleasant as at home. Ideas of Andreja and Vladimir were realised in 2016 and since than guest are coming to Medvode from all continents. Due to their passion, the voice of Slovenia as a friendly, admirable, green county, is spread around. They are always full of tips what to do in Slovenia. Memories on DOMOVOJ were taken home by sportsmen, known persons, by tourist just stopping for a day on their holidays from Europe, Middle East and Slovenia. DOMOVOJ`s rooms and apartment are a perfect choice for short breaks, celebrating birthdays, Valentin`s, New year…

This was the introduction to the article on DOMOVOJ apartments and rooms published on LUKSUZ portal (in Slovenian).  The article was based on the interview bellow.

1.  When did you start with works, with setting-up of DOMOVOJ apartments? How long do you offer the services of DOMOVOJ? 

In November 2015 we started arranging apartments and rooms, and opened them for the first guests in June 2016. We have completely resettled all accommodation facilities, personalised the rooms and gave them a touch of homeliness with a lot of tiny attentions. Guests feel being more at than as in a hotel. At the entrance, they are invited to take on the slippers, as they are at home, although they are far away from their home.

The hosts, Gumilar family is always open, friendly and professional serving the guests. And they can fill that.

2.  Why the name DOMOVOJ?

In the Slavic religious tradition, DOMOVOJ is a household god, a patron of the home. It takes care of the welfare of the home, people and animals in it. He is good, kind and ready to help. It is so closely connected with his family to hear all their joys and sorrows. DOMOVOJ is our dwarf which keeps our home, and all our guests who visit us safe.

3.  How would you rate your accommodation? Our moto is to make the stay beyond guests` expectation. We want our guests to feel at home, and therefore we do everything to make this happen. We are glad that those who stayed for longer time also felt so. We like to talk with our guest about many things, sometimes these talks last late in the night. And we maintain the contact with some of the guests which really enjoyed staying with us in DOMOVOJ apartments. 



4.  What kind of guests do you host? Which countries most often come from?

We host domestic and foreign guests, families, business people, travellers, younger and older couples, groups, active guests who want to get to know our country, or are just looking for relaxation and rest. We came from Japan, China, Arab countries, Peru, USA, Argentina, Korea and from many European countries. Last year, there were guests from 36 different countries. 

5. What do you offer them? How do guests respond to your premises, offer?

We always give them a warm welcome and ask them what they expect, need or want. This is the basis for a good relationship and quality of our service. The apartments and rooms are clean, comfortable and carefully equipped. There is free internet and private parking. The house is located in an excellent, green, quiet location, outside the city, away from noise, with a beautiful view of the mountains and a corn field. Our garden is fully arranged with flowers, just like the interior itself.We pamper our guests with a home-made, warm breakfast, fresh vegetables from the garden, we advise them on the choice of restaurants for lunch or dinner, we are always available with various practical information about excursions, the beauty of Slovenia, prices of various admissions, events and even roadside congestion that can be avoided. We really mean everything. You can rent brochures, maps, maps – for free. Guests appreciate our authenticity, sincerity and willingness to help, as reflected by their recommendations and positive impressions. We are proud that when they tell us that they enjoyed each minute, they felt at home and they felt us as their own Slovenian family. With many we made in genuine relationships and so, we were all sad when they left. We stay in touch with them hoping to see each other again – at DOMOVOJ or in their country.

Perfectly clean modern bathroom.

6.  What is it, where are you different from similar accommodation in the surrounding area?

In any case, our personal, relaxed, flexible, hospitable but at the same time professional approach to every guest, regardless of where he comes from, how much time he stays and how old he is. We are available to our guests at any time, be it early in the morning or late in the evening. When they need us, we are here for them, whether this is just the need for information, other help, or the desire to chat.There is always a small welcome in the rooms in the form of attention – chocolates, coffee bags and tea, and in the bathroom, there are natural toothbrushes or soaps.The guest can store their bicycle in our garage. They can use the grill in the garden and make a picnic on the terrace. In the evening they can use sauna, massage chair, or just sit outside on the terrace and relax. Our guests are genuinely welcome, accept and host them, as they would like to be friends.They especially like privacy and security. They are astonished, when they tell them, they can leave their luggage in the car’s trunk. They are impressed by the fact that each of our four types of accommodation in the garden has its own space, a table and bench for sitting and enjoying food.

..and special welcome surprise: bio toothbrush beFresh

7. What do your guest near DOMOVOJ apartments, what they can see and visit. Can they ask you for advice?

Many guests cycle, kayak, hike in the surrounding hills, visit Zbilje lake and enjoy hundreds of swans and other birds on the lake. DOMOVOJ is perfectly located to make day trips to Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinj, Postojna Cave, Piran, Kamnik, Škofja Loka, Kranj. Medvode municipality hosts many cultural and sports events, and we take care of the overnight stays or for the whole duration of the, for example sport event. .

Socialising in common areas often starts sincere friendships.

8. Have you ever had any known persons as guests?

Yes. Famous guests – class sportsmen, musicians, cooking masters, writers, travellers spent nights in our accommodation. We carefully guard their privacy, so their identity is never disclosed.

9. How do you work with the local authority and the tourist authorities?

We are pleased to cooperate with the municipality, the public institution of Sotočje, and with local tourist organisation for the past two years. We exchange information, host the attendees of the FZ Forza Cup, we hosted the Dalmatian singers, that is Dalmatinske klape, of the football tournament, Eurofitness festival, dance festival, Slovenia international badminton championship and other events.

The DOMOVOJ looks like this in invites you to visit them.