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Fifth night of “parkeljni” Goričane

On Saturday, 19/11/2016, the biggest traditional ethnological event on Slovenia – Night of “parkeljni” Goričane took place. It featured more than 450 of these creatures from Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

“Parkeljni” (English translation claws) are mythical creatures, like the devil or demon who (in games and stories) who often accompany St. Nicholas. Traditionally in December, in Slovenia and neighboring countries, Saint Nicholas brings goodies for children but the “parkeljni” scare the children and make a lot of noise with chains.

For the last five years, this event is going on 500 meters from Domovoj apartments.

They scared us very much, too. The performance was spectacular. Look at the pictures of horror and video  at

After the initial adrenaline of terror meeting with “parkeljni”, a party with friends, dance and local food completed the wonderful and exciting day.