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DOMOVOJ supported the 42 marathons in 42 days project by providing free accomodation to running team and the camera team. This sport for charity project aimed to raise funds for children who have had cancer and are now facing various consequences of illness that make it ...

Pohorje mountains, in Štajerska region, is 100 km from Domovoj apartments. It offers a number of hiking routes through the woods. Black sea (Črno jezero) is one of the attractions. Domovoj team spent a nice, autumn day on Pohorje. We even found couple of mushrooms and ...

Bled, the pearl of Slovenia offers also swimming which is the best way of cooling down in these hot summer days. Just 40 minutes from Domovoj apartments.

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    Posted: 2018-8-12

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Domovoj offers different hiking trails which starts almost behind the house. One of those is to St. Jacob hill, a beloved goal for hikers from Ljubljana and Medvode.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has it magics. It can be reached easily from Domovoj apartments. In less than half an hour you can sit at the banks of Ljubljanica river and enjoy the beauties of Ljubljana.  

Domovoj hosted the Garbage run participants from the Netherlands. Can should we worth less than 500 EUR and at least 15 years old. This run started couple of years ago and now on some runs, there are more that thousand cars. In 2018 they “run” from Germany, ...

On the last day of June, we tested the swimming in the Sora river. It was still a bit “refreshing” but any day the water gets better. This a bit hidden spot on the Sora can be reached in 10 minutes and short walk.  

Just listen! <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Domovoj team checked how it is on Pokljuka. Still bit snowy. And the Radovna river in Krnica was a beautiful as always. The small Kreda lake in Radovna valley was a spot to take a rest and pick some spring dandelion which makes together with eggs and pumpkin oil ...

The season almost started. Domovoj apartments and rooms have been fully booked for 1st May holidays.