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  WHERE TOURISTS ARE FEELING AS AT HOME DOMOVOJ is an apartment house  in Medvode (Slovenia) where guest, domestic or foreign feel comfortable pleasant as at home. Ideas of Andreja and Vladimir were realised in 2016 and since than guest are coming to Medvode from ...

On December 29, 2018, the New Year’s concert of the Dalmatian klape Iskon, Capris and Rišpet was held in the Medvode Hall. In Domovoj we hosted the members of Klapa Rišpet. At the link, you can listen to their hit Mislin samo na te which has over 5 million views ...

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has it magics. It can be reached easily from Domovoj apartments. In less than half an hour you can sit at the banks of Ljubljanica river and enjoy the beauties of Ljubljana.