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Domovoj (Domovoi), the protector of the house and family, was protector of the domestic hearth in Slavic mythology. He took care of the welfare of houses, people, and animals.

He had two sides: he was a good and kind. He was willing to help those that were faithful to him and agreed with his thinking. At the same time, he was mean to those who did not express affection to him. In such cases, people calmed him with the sacrifice of food. A piece of bread sprinkled with salt, wrapped in white canvas, and placed in the lobby or courtyard rapidly cooled his rage and returned is friendship to the family. He was quickly satisfied in other ways, for example, by leaving the remains of dinner or by leaving some pure linen near his favorite room.

He may take the form of master of the house in which he lived, or some other member of the family. He could also have appeared as a dog, cat, bear, etc.

Domovoi, therefore,  was for the most part rather invisible. He lived in the stove, in the yard or in the barn. When water was pulled out of the well for bathing, a bucket of water was left for him.

He is represented as an old man in a long white dress fastened around the waist, sometimes presented in a red shirt. Despite age, he had luxurious hair, but his entire body was covered with a soft, dense coat.

Domovoi was so closely tied to the family, that sorrow and joy in a family were his own, too. When some member of the family would die, he would howl and moan the entire night around the house. He faithfully served his faithful master.